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CoolerMaster DK8-8JD2B-01 Sckt 754
$ 17.90

CoolerMaster DK8-8JD2B-01 Socket 754/939/940 CPU Cooler

Condition: New

Keep your AMD CPU cool with this CoolerMaster DK8-8JD2B-01 CPU cooler! This heatsink fan unit fits nicely on Socket 754/939/940 socket brackets. The retention bar keeps the heatsink firmly gripped to your CPU. The bottom of the heatsink has thermal interface material pre-applied to reduce the chance of a mess. This material helps transfer heat from the CPU up, out, and into the heatsink's blades so the air being pushed through the 80mm fan's blades takes it away! Cooler chips last longer and perform better! Order now!


  • CoolerMaster DK8-8JD2B-01 Socket 754/939/940 CPU Cooler

General Features:

  • Supports Socket 754/939/940 AMD CPUs
  • 80 mm fan
  • Aluminum heatsink
  • Fan speed: 8000 RPM 8%
  • Thermal resistance: Rca 0.33
  • Rated voltage: 12V DC

Regulatory Approvals:

  • CE

Package Includes:

  • CoolerMaster Socket 754/939/940 CPU Cooler
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